DAEX’s Recent Strategic Partnerships

In recent months, DAEX has forged partnerships with over 10 exchanges and organizations, laying the groundwork for a truly global ecosystem. These include strategic investments in Southeast Asian exchanges Tokenomy and INDODAX, Australian exchange Xbrick as well SEADEX, an exchange based in Thailand. DAEX has also partnered up with quantitative trading team HyperQuant, blockchain security firm BUGX, identification technology team IAME as well as Sophon Capital Community, which specializes in blockchain and AI.

After opening up the Southeast Asia market, DAEX is working to penetrate the Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Australian, and Russian markets by providing strategic investment, DAEX Wallet access and DAX token transactions on a global scale.

Through its unique integration of the DAEX Clearing Chain, DAX tokens, the DAEX Wallet and the DAEX Fund, DAEX’s distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem is steadily gaining recognition from an increasing number of organizations around the world.

At the end of July, DAEX launched the world’s first multi-asset cross-chain wallet for exchanges and corporations. LBank, SEADEX and five other exchanges are the first to be granted access to the DAEX Wallet system. They will also be the first to be connected to the DAEX Clearing Chain after its test net release at the end of this year.

The DAEX Wallet at daex.pro

From here, DAEX aims to further expand its reach on the global stage. We are planning to serve 10,000 corporate customers, including exchanges and funds, with our distributed clearing and multi-asset wallet solutions over the next year. We are also aiming to partner with more than 60 investment institutions around the world to progress further into our vision of a safer, more reliable clearing and trading ecosystem.