Event Preview | DAEX Chief Architect Jason is invited to attend the Singapore Fintech Festival to share blockchain technology innovation and investment

On November 15–16, 2018, DAEX Co-founder and Chief Architect Jason Tang will represent DAEX to participate in Singapore Fintech Festival, and deliver the speech upon the theme of “Technical Innovation and Investment Driven By Blockchain”. In the Summit, He will also share DAEX, as a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions, digital asset trading and management systems solutions, its new theories and new achievements in blockchain technology innovation and investment

About the Speaker

Jason Tang,Co-Founder and Chief Architect of DAEX

Jason Tang, the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of DAEX, has been focusing on Fintech product design and application research for years. He also has applicable products in the respect of Blockchain, Machine Learning, Knowledge Atlas, Bio-identification, Smart Investment Consulting, etc. He is a former Product Manager in China Zheshang Bank Fintech Application Research Center. In this role, he was responsible for first blockchain project specialized in the core system of domestic banks, and first enterprise Account Receivable Chain Platform based on blockchain technology. He therefore has two kinds patents in the blockchain prospect, and he has master degree in the Software Engineering from Zhejiang University.

About Singapore Fintech Festival

Singapore Fintech Festival is the world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community, which annually attracts numerous financial institutions and fintech start-ups all over the world. Amid them, there are 25 innovative labs that they will open to participants, and show the latest innovative achievements as well as providing communication opportunities for enterprises and participants.

About 80RR Fintech Hub SG Innovation Lab Crawl 2018

80RR FinTech Hub — a joint effort between Hong Leong Holdings Ltd, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Singapore FinTech Association — was set up to support flourishing and shared FinTech industry. As one of the venue in the Innovation Lab Crawl , it will open itself to participants from 10: 00 to 13:00, on November 15–16, 2018. At the very moment, specialists and experts from various respects will discuss the future of whole fintech industry, and also there are more than 20 outstanding projects and companies of different regions will share their products and solutions to participants on site.

Conference information:

Time: November 15–16, 2018, 10:00–13:00

Address: 80 Robinson Road #08–01, Singapore, 068898, Singapore


Venue Information

We will keep following on the Conference, and will post the latest information on the conference.