Event Preview | DAEX Co-Founder Zhang Hua is invited to attend INDOCOMTECH, the largest event in Indonesia, to share insights about the development of Blockchain

On November 3, 2018, DAEX Co-Founder Zhang Hua has been invited to attend the INDOCOMTECH Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, and she will share her insights and ideas concerning the theme “Blockchain is the future”.In addition, She will discuss the future development of Blockchain Technology and application with many Indonesian Blockchain project parties on site.

INDOCOMTECH (International Consumer Electronics Communication Exhibition), which is an annual event, is the most authoritative, largest and most influential IT professional exhibition throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It is also an essential platform for project parties to display products, exchange technologies and develop markets.

As an indispensable part of DAEX’s global ecological layout, DAEX will closely monitor the development of the Indonesian market. At present, DAEX has established a social platform such as Indonesia Telegram Telegraph Community and Instagram, which has attracted a group of Indonesian blockchain enthusiasts to actively discuss DAEX projects and product development.

DAEX looks forward to favorable cooperation established with more partners in the respect of Blockchain and investment institutions at home and abroad, and jointly deepen the development for the prosperity of the industry.

For cooperation, you can contact with DAEX Secretary through Telegram.(https://t.me/DAEXsecretary)

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