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September Monthly Report

DAEX (Digital Assets Exchange) is a distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem built using a blockchain-based multi-asset clearing and settlement protocol. By decoupling assets and transactions, the system will provide exchanges, corporations and individuals with a full range of clearing and wallet solutions which address key issues in the digital asset ecosystem, such as credibility, availability and the security of their digital assets. In this way, the ecosystem will protect the interests of investors while promoting the fair and stable development of the industry as a whole.

Key DAEX partners include Qtum Foundation, 8 Decimal Capital, DFJ Dragon Fund, IDEL, J One Capital, JRR and various other prominent investment organizations.

This September monthly report will include information regarding the DAEX public sale, progress on the DAEX Wallet development, DAX token resumed, the 1 million DAX bounty campaigns, Korean Meetups we attended, strategic partnerships/investments with SVPER and more.

Part 1: DAEX News

DAEX Officially Enters European Market With Investment in Video Chat App SVPER

We recently announced our official entry into the European market after reaching a strategic cooperation agreement with video chat app SVPER. SVPER is a video chat application from Spain with a broad user-base throughout Europe. We will team up with SVPER to develop our presence within the region, thus further expanding the global DAEX ecosystem. Many media agencies, including Marketinsider and Marketwatch were interested in our collaboration and we feel that many more potential collaborations like this will happen in the future.

DAEX Takes on First Exchange Customer, SEADEX, Following the Platform’s SEC Approval in Thailand

DAEX is pleased to announce that SEADEX, a Thai cryptocurrency exchange, will be the first official exchange customer of the DAEX Wallet. As an important part of DAEX’s global ecosystem, SEADEX is helping DAEX expand its customer-base in the Thai cryptocurrency market. In exchange, DAEX will provide technical and financial support to SEADEX, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. This will include consulting services, development of the SEADEX trading software, and use of the DAEX Wallet, which will allow SEADAX to use DAX tokens for clearing and custody fees on their platform. The headlines for this release reached some of the top news agencies, of which including Yahoo!Finance. There are many other exchanges we have put in play and we hope to inform our community on new developments of this soon!

Public Sale

DAEX Public Sale officially closed on September 14th at 1PM GMT and our soft cap was reached at 7763.6 ETH of DAX(1 ETH =3142 DAX)! After the event trading of DAX tokens resumed as normal on September 17th 1 Pm GMT.

Part 2: DAEX Token(DAX)

During the public sale, there was a pause on trading for DAX tokens. Since September 17,trading of DAX resumed across five exchanges:

LBank: https://www.lbank.info

Allcoin: https://www.allcoin.ca

INDODAX: https://indodax.com

SEADAX: https://www.seadex.io

Tokenomy: https://www.tokenomy.com

As of 3:00 pm (GMT+8), September 29, 2018, the number of addresses holding DAX tokens reached 4955,which is a 55.62% increase from August(3184). The total supply of DAX tokens was 2 billion, with 1.39 billion of them distributed for the main net and a current circulating supply of DAX remaining at 370.8million.

Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x0b4bdc478791897274652dc15ef5c135cae61e60

Part 3: DAEX Products and R&D Progress

We have upgraded to new version of DAEX Wallet, which has more professional function, more enriched assets, and more user-friendly operation, and we are ready for the official launch. At same time, we will also release the Beta channel for individual user in the upcoming month. Stay tuned!

We have also established a strategic cooperation with the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. With this collaboration we can proudly (and officially) announce that the hardware development of the wallet has been initiated.

We have simulated Cumulative Competing Multi-node Signature, and studied optimized consensus algorithm of the various pos. In addition, we have also designed methodology of archiving chain data based on distributed file system.

Upgrades to the communication algorithm of the DAEX Wallet have been made and we’ve reconstructed the api-gateway. Furthermore, we also adjusted the index of Wallet-API.

We have also upgraded NEO, UT, BTS ,ACT, DASH, USDT, DCT, TRX wallets.

Lastly, the monitoring tool of the wallet balance and utilization of the authorization review process for financial personnel has also been completed.

Part 4: DAEX Events

DAEX Chairman Benjamin Gu’ Speech in Silicon Valley

On September 8th ,the DAEX Chairman, Benjamin Gu, was represented in Silicon Valley to present a speech on the topic of “Blockchain’s Impact on the Securities Industry”. Networking in the city center of entrepreneurship and innovation led to some prospecting leads for the future of DAEX.

DAEX Co-Founder Participated in the “2018 FINTECH BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT” Malaysia

The Co-Founder of DAEX, Hana Zhang, participated in “2018 FINTECH BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT”,which was held in Malaysia, on September 9th, 2018. The major theme of the summit was about the development trend of Exchanges, and Hana, as a special guest, delivered a speech about the Technical Innovations of Exchanges and Investment driven by Blockchain.

DAEX CO-Founder Hana Zhang was on the panel of the Tokenize-It 2018 Fall event in Seoul,Korea

DAEX CO-Founder Hana Zhang was on the panel discussion for the Tokenize-It 2018 Fall event form September 10th to 11th , which was held in Seoul, South Korea. Exchanges and leaders of Crypto Fund from China and Korea were gathered in the event. Hana delivered a speech that pointed out the encountered subjects and challenges on tokenization.

DAEX Co-Founder, Hana Zhang co-hosted the “2018 Global Hot Chain”in Jeju Island, Korea

DAEX Co-Founder, Hana Zhang co-hosted the “2018 Global Hot Chain”Block 18 Black Card Club event, which was held by LBank and 18 Block, in Jeju Island, South Korea. There are more than 100 people who attended the event. Hana, as the host of the event, organized a round table discussion, for each investors to share their own concept of investment.

DAEX COO was invited for an interview with famous South Korean youtuber “퍼즈”.

Lois recorded a video interview with South Korea’s well-known youtuber “퍼즈”, to let Korean investors know more about our DAEX. Lois’s interview video reached 830 South Korean users and is rising in popularity. During the time of the interview, we were able to gain more attention to our airdrop event. Users who logged on to watch received candy by sharing the video links. More than 100 people of the 830 logged on participated.

DAEX and BUGX hosted “Hack the Exchanges” event to provide security solutions for exchanges.

DAEX strategic partner BUGX.IO is a blockchain security team that focuses on blockchain ecological security construction and encourages security experts to conduct legal security testing on blockchain ecological applications. This past month, DAEX and BUGX.IO joined forces to organize “ Hake the Exchanges”, an event open to the world’s white hats (positive hackers) to reward exchange security vulnerabilities in exchanges. DAEX then provided the exchange with a secure digital asset settlement solution to build a clearing ecosystem and protect exchange assets from the risks that were found at the event.

DAEX networking event with Skypalace in Shanghai

On September 27th, we also partnered up with SKYPALACE for a networking event in Shanghai wrapping up another productive month. A few of our colleagues attended along with other leaders in the blockchain industry, particularly venture capitals and incubators. Attendees included some big names such as ChainFunder, hubbe.rs, and BlockPulse360 along with LOLLIPOP, IOB, HNB, Awaken News, J&C Capital and many more.

Part 5 Community and Marketing

Chinese Community:

Creative Picture Collection in 1 Million DAX Content Contest

Through the Million DAX Content Contest held in August, our team received various works from contestants from all over the world! We deeply appreciate the effort and time that our community took in creating such beautiful and passionate work all centered around DAEX!

DAEX launched the Mid-Autumn Festival events

DAEX celebrated the “Mid-Autumn Mid-Autumn Festival” with a mini-game raffle, rewarding DAEX limited edition gifts! Through the holidays we received tons of enthusiastic participation from all of our many Chinese community users. We fully appreciate everyone who took the time to participate!

English Community:

Telegram group members & Twitter follower numbers

1 Million DAX Bounty Campaign

On August 9, we launched the first round of our 1 million DAX bounty campaign. During the period from August 26th to September 17th, we held the second round of bounty both in English and Indonesian. The bounty was divided into 7 parts including Twitter retweets, article releases, video creations, telegram discussions, bitcointalk signatures,blogs and reddit posts.

More than 10,000 people participated in the 1 million DAX Bounty Campaign! The number of participants amounted to a whopping 6,000 submissions including 1589 articles with more than 200,000 readings, and 400+ YouTube videos with over 100,000 views!

800k DAX tokens were distributed to participants who successfully took part in bounty campaign. If you have any questions regarding your submissions into bounty and have yet to receive your share of distributed tokens, join our telegram and reach out to our fellow admin, DAEX Secretary in particular. We’ll make sure to have all matters sorted ASAP if they are not sorted already!

Facebook AMA with DAEX COO, Lois Shen

A screenshot of the live AMA

After our COO, Lois Shen, live streamed a Facebook video AMA (Ask Me Anything) last Friday at 1PM GMT, September 7. Our community was free to ask us anything on the company, future of DAEX, and anything in between. The stream lasted for just under an hour with around 300 people logging in to participate. We apologize that it couldn’t have been longer, but we’re only human! You can check out the video of the AMA with Lois via the DAEX Blockchain Official Facebook Page. We also made sure to answer any questions from the AMA that were left resolved on Medium labeled AMA Recap and and remaining questions our community had after the event with a Follow Up.

DAEX posted 9 articles in Medium, one of which was the DAEX Chairman’s interview on Bakkt
Benjamin Gu, chairman of DAEX, interviewed on the company Bakkt, launched by one of the leading operators in exchanges and clearing houses, ICE, and how it’s aims to being the first crypto regulated marketplace. You can check out the article, here.

DAEX Finished a New Explainer Video via our Youtube Channel

What is DAEX? (English Version)

Korean Community:

We’ve already reached approximately 230 people in the DAEX Kakao Community!

KaKao link:https://open.kakao.com/o/gWJcHBQ

7 articles were posted on the Naver Blog

DAEX Official Naver Blog

12 posts have updated on Facebook

DAEX Korean FB Page

2 videos uploaded in Youtube
What is DAEX?

Korean Meet Up sharing for DAEX COO Lois

Russian & Indonesian Communities

Telegram Russian Group: https://t.me/DAEXOfficial_ru DAEX

Telegram Indonesian Group: https://t.me/DAEXOfficial_id DAEX

We started our Russian and Indonesian communities during August after receiving several interests in these regions. These communities will continue to grow as we expand our ecosystem and expand deeper into these markets, New communities and countries will be added in the near future.

Part 6 Media

English Market

1. DAEX was featured across 3 major cryptocurrency related news media sites, see the below links:

Businessinsider: DAEX makes strategic investment in SVPER

Yahoo! Finance: DAEX Takes on First Exchange Customer,Seadex,Following the Platform’s SEC Approval in Thailand

Hackernoon: Interview with DAEX COO Lois

Our COO Lois Shen was also interviewed on her experience as a woman in the blockchain industry, a topic that many do not cover. This Hackernoon article described her entire experience and how she overcomes such obstacles.

Korean market

Korean media website released 4 news articles in September

NEWSBRITE:DAEX, Cryptocurrency Clearing Solution with increased safety and efficiency

DAILY Grid: DAEX, Cryptocurrency Clearing Solution with increased safety and efficiency

Exchanges Hacking, How It Can Be Protected by the Hybrid Solution

DAEX Participated in the Daily Laboratory Co-Up Demonstrating the Platform

Part 7: Upcoming News

DAEX Products and R&D Progress

DAEX Wallet will be online at exchanges and offering trial versions for individual users. As the wallet continues to improve, more cooperative exchanges and users will be able to use the full effect of the DAEX wallet solutions to build a secure and reliable clearing ecosystem.

On October 17, DAEX co-founder Zhang Hua will be invited to attend the 4th Data Technology Governance, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Analysis Summit and Awards Ceremony. The event will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Indonesian government will be in attendance. The Indonesian President will be delivering the opening speech. This will help us secure more cooperations with exchanges and users in the Indonesian market.

In addition, we will be starting a new focus on more global events to help really get our name out there and gain more promising partnerships for DAEX, so stay tuned for future events!

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