Strategic Cooperation between DAEX and IONIA,a South Korean Decentralized Exchange, has been reached, and first Korean Ecological Node is established

Recently, DAEX has reached a deep strategic cooperation with South Korea’s decentralized exchange- IONIA, and also established DAEX’s first formal ecological node in Korea. This cooperation is an in-depth development of DAEX in the Korean market and is another new global ecological layout of DAEX , following Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

“IONIA” is one of Korea’s professional cryptocurrency investment platforms, consisting of decentralized distributed cryptocurrency exchange, multi-purpose e-wallet, automated trading robots, and intensive multi-investment information. IONIA’s self-developed “multi-purpose e-wallet” allows users to directly access and store cryptocurrencies through the functions in the wallet, and obtain corresponding rewards (interest) according to different levels.

In the next phase, DAEX will further strengthen business cooperation with IONIA, relying on the technical advantages and market resources of both parties to achieve complementary advantages and strong cooperation.

Recently, DAEX COO Lois Shen will also team up to South Korea to negotiate with many outstanding blockchain exchanges and project teams to further explore the Korean market.

DAEX’s global ecological layout will closely cooperate with the world’s leading blockchain industry leaders to establish a digital asset distributed clearing ecosystem, aiming to provide users with a secure clearing and settlement transaction ecosystem. We look forward to more sincere and favorable cooperation with more partners in the field of blockchain and investment institutions at home and abroad, and jointly deepen the prosperity of the industry.

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