How to invest in DFZ token Step by Step Guide.

After a long wait, Dafzo is pleased to announce that now users can contribute to the Dafzo Private Investment sale online. Dafzo investment dashboard is live.

Minimum investment amount is 1ETH and 1 ETH = 2,000 DFZ original face value of token (assuming 1 ETH is 1000 USD appx at the time of purchase).

Dafzo is offering 50% bonus on Private Investment Sale till 28th March.

Steps to follow.

1). Visit Dafzo’s official website and click on the Sign up button.

2). Fill all required fields and click on sign up button.

3). You will receive a confirmation email, confirm your registered email address and sign in using same credentials.

4). Fill the details and click on the saves changes and proceed next for the contribution of ether.

5). To setup Google 2f authentication, click on enable button.( Advised to setup)

6). In order to complete profiling setup 2f authentication and enter OTP and click on enable button.

7). Once the 2f authentication is done, click on the My profile tab to review or to edit profile.

8). Enter the ether amount you wish to contribute and click on contribute button.

User will receive an confirmation email from Dafzo team once the contribution is confirmed.

Points to be considered;

1. Dafzo’s official social links are

Website .
Facebook .
Twitter .
Telegram .
Medium .
LinkedIn .
YouTube .
BitcoinTalk .
VK .

2. Dafzo doesn’t have any other group or channel other than mentioned above.

3. Dafzo will accept investments only by a single way i.e. By Dafzo’s official website.

4. Dafzo will never ask to transfer Ether on any particular address apart from the address mentioned in the user dashboard available only at

5. Dafzo will never share its smart contract address in Public. Only members who have signed up and have completed KYC process will be allowed to see smart contract address.

For any query or confusion write us at

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