Friends & Family Discount

Chris Forster
Oct 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Set the price to whatever you want… including zero!

There’s nothing like sharing with loved ones. It can really bring people together.

Well, now that just got a whole lot easier. With Daggle, borrowing and lending is so simple. Here’s how:

1. You can track who has what

It happens to us all. You lend something to a friend — a book, a DVD — and after a few weeks you forget who has it and they forget to return it.

With Daggle, it’s easy to know if you’ve lent something out and who has it. We’ll even tell you how long they’ve had it for!

2. You can see who has what

Close communities of friends, families, and neighbours will often feel comfortable asking to borrow things from each other. It’s only natural.

What’s not so natural is our way of doing it, most typically through SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook groups. These are frustrating and time consuming as you have to hope that the person who has what you need and is able to lend it actually reads your message. Too often our cries to borrow something are lost quickly down the thread unanswered.

With Daggle you can immediately discover what’s available in your community to borrow, without having to send your request into the digital void hoping for a response.

3. You can lend and borrow for FREE

The last thing members of a close knit community want to do is profit from neighbours. With Daggle not only can you reduce the price (“mates rates”) but you can even put it all the way down to zero dirhams — that’s right, AED 0.

Since Daggle has a 0% transaction fee policy, we won’t charge you either, so it truly can be completely free of charge! (Learn more about our zero transaction free promise.)

Finally! An easy and safe way to borrow things from your neighbours while giving you the peace of mind to know that you can keep track of what you lent and to whom!

It’s as easy as that! Your friends and family can have great rates on your items, making you not only an environmental champion but also a fantastic neighbour!


Life is for exploring: Learn how borrowing and lending your things could give you new ways to discover the world…

Chris Forster

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<entrepreneur/><writer/><expat/> // Co-founder of // Editor, writer @ The Steak & Egg Society



Life is for exploring: Learn how borrowing and lending your things could give you new ways to discover the world…

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