DAIA Welcomes New Partners: Nectico, DéWarrior and Swazm

Jul 19, 2019 · 6 min read

Three beliefs sustain our mission and vision to democratize AI: i) we believe that Blockchain and AI is a perfect match, ii) we believe in stirring AI towards a community’s benefit and iii) we believe in co-creation rather than competition. Moreover, it is because we believe in a world of decentralized AI that we keep looking, encouraging and welcoming new partners every day.

This week we are very proud to welcome to our ecosystem Nectico, DéWarrior and Swazm, all the way from Indonesia, Netherlands and Romania!


Nectico’s mission is to decrease economic inequalities by creating a trusted digital ecosystem for cooperation. Their platform works by digitalizing end-to-end processes in Indonesia Cooperatives. According to Nectico’s COO, a huge part of business processes in Indonesia is done manually and their platform can help solve this problem. By connecting management members of organizations with key stakeholders around the country Nectico uses AI to create recommendations based on privacy and business data gathering.

Nur Khairusy Syakirin is the COO of Nectico and he shared with us how he envisions this partnership:

“We are excited to join DAIA because we want to know more about decentralized AI. We want to see AI and Blockchain working together to solve economic inequalities all around the world, which is our mission. We would like to share our story on how we were able to use those technologies to help solve this problem in some Cooperatives in our country and how it could be scaled to other places as well.”

Nur complements that Nectico’s team accumulates several years of experience working in big initiative projects in the technology sector but recognizes that they don’t have all the expertise needed. They count with and call for collaboration between other DAIA members to learn and develop new opportunities for their country!


DéWarrior Unlimited is a multi-disciplinary (w)holistic consulting agency and creative think-tank that is redefining sustainability. Their unique approach invokes timeless indigenous wisdom and merges it with leading-edge technological innovation. The result is an authentic handshake between the Earth and our human activities that ensures both sides are enriched by the knowledge of the other. DéWarrior’s brand of solutions range from sustainable strategies for ethical and impact investment and asset management, to best-in-class sustainability protocols for events, festivals, and real estate developments. The company prides itself on building bridges to the new paradigm through the co-creative opportunities it fosters between its diverse network of global partners and collaborators. DéWarrior invites everyone fighting for a sovereign sustainable existence to unite and Turn Your Light On

The founder and president of DéWarrior, Leonid, said he couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. In his words:

“We believe in partnering with the authentic sparks of machine consciousness, enabling our species to birth the technology that will sustain our existence. […] DAIA provides DéWarrior with an unparalleled ecosystem of conscious innovators and creators and we could not be more excited to showcase the pioneering decentralized and AI innovations of the Alliance Members.”

Speaking about DéWarrior’s potential contributions to DAIA he continues:

“We are eager to take advantage of opportunities to be part of early-stage development and testing. Exploring avenues and applications of emerging technologies with other DAIA members. Integrating these innovations into our own practice and working as evangelists on behalf of the collective.

Our team brings a background of proven success and know-how in managing and directing capital, risk management and strategy, design and identity, and health and wellness. Our systematic (w)holistic approach will allow us to serve and support the DAIA community, helping connect and amplify their work to foster co-creative solutions.”


SWAZM introduces a new Blockchain architecture designed to enable horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. This is achieved by creating a new Blockchain with a reliable transfer network, storage capabilities, and compute containers. The resulting technology is a Blockchain infrastructure that may ultimately scale to sustain millions of applications, enable to write any kind of technology and allow for quick and easy deployment and maintenance of decentralized applications.

Vali Malinoiu, the Founder and CEO of Swazm, explained to us why they are excited to join DAIA:

“We are very eager to be a part of an organization that has the same goals that we have, in terms of searching for new innovative technological solutions, to help develop the Blockchain and AI ecosystem. By exchanging knowledge and experience, we can all grow together and help build a better future.”

Regarding contributions and the trends he sees in the AI/ Decentralized world she adds:

“Swazm can provide a vital piece in the AI/Blockchain ecosystem by allowing for direct chain-to-chain communication, which can be useful for other members of the alliance. Besides the technological advancements, we are happy to share our knowledge and insights on our latest breakthroughs. […]

We at SWAZM have a vision for a decentralized internet. However, any technology is just as useful as it’s applications. Our focus is on how to offer real value to our users, to build products, not just a technology. And such a product is our distributed storage and computing power global marketplace that can be used to host the decentralized internet of the future.

The monopoly of large data center companies will end as anyone can use the unused resources from his/her PC to help “run the digital world”, on a global, decentralized computing power marketplace. This will lead in turn to a drastic decrease in costs for developers, as the vast unused resources of the world will be put to good use. For example, using our technology, AI developers will be able to access decentralized GPU processing power to train their ML models.”

How can you get involved?

Initially founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, Simone Giacomelli of SingularityNET and Toufi Saliba of TODA/IP, founder of AI Decentralized, DAIA has created the world’s largest network of decentralized AI projects aiming to cooperate and solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. DAIA believes that technology should be developed in a manner that is: 1) decentralized in governance and control, 2) judiciously open, 3) transparent and privacy compliant, 4) participatory, 5) inclusive, 6) resilient, 7) creative, 8) ethically understanding and 9) compassionate. The core motivation of DAIA, to foster the development of decentralized AI technologies, emerges from the desire on the part of Alliance members to ensure that the ongoing rise of AI is aligned with human values, including the full breadth and diversity of human culture and understanding.

We are welcoming the participation of those corporations that are sincere about their aim and goal of democratizing AI. The open access networks that have come together to form DAIA are enabling such a democratization process.

To learn more about us and inquire for memberships, please contact us at team@daia.foundation.