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DAIHard — Privacy coin edition

It’s with great joy that we announce the arrival of DAIHard Cryptocurrency trading. As some of you might be aware, DAIHard is a unstoppable Cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates trades via the Burnable Payments mechanism.

In this edition we’ve cleaned up the interface to allow for smooth crypto to crypto exchanges. This version helps the embattled privacy coins that have recently come under regulatory attack (XMR, ZEC, Dash, this one’s for you!)

Specifically this edition of DAIHard allows for trades into and out of XMR, ZEC, Dash and BTC against DAI and xDAI.

What’s the big deal you might ask? The big deal is that DAIHard is an unstoppable, fully decentralized mechanism people can use to trade reliably with others. One that does not act as an extractor of information from its users.

DAIHard works on the crypto primitive of a burnable payment. A burnable payment is a smart contract in which a seller and a buyer bond each other in such a manner that any deal can only either conclude to mutual satisfactions or will see any scam attempts severely punished. You can read more below.

We hope to add a missing piece of the puzzle by allowing user friendly (but still Cypherpunk dangerous) trading into and out of privacy coins, without you being obligated to leak valuable identity information.


DAIHard is not for the feint of heart! Please familiarize yourself with the Burnable Payments concept and the necessary frame of mind to participate in this market. We believe it is safe but you need to know how to conduct yourself.

This version of contracts has been audited, feel free to check out our repo.

Currently you can trade using DAI on the Ethereum main net, or you can go to the link below and learn about the xDAI side chain where you can trade much faster and ultra cheap!



Ensuring financial privacy in the age of open finance

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