On Why Art Must Remain Apolitical

I didn’t just read that in a textbook somewhere. I learned it from watching you. Art, if it is to serve ANY public function whatsoever, MUST remain completely IMPARTIAL. A judge is an arbiter of justice, if you will. The artist is an arbiter of beauty and of truth.

It’s not a religious or a scientific truth, but an aesthetic one. And it can never become a vehicle for ideology, or else it becomes propaganda.

The state can produce works of propaganda if it wants, that’s really none of my business. As an artist, though, I check everything a thousand times to make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to derive or deduce ANY political ideology whatsoever.

While I do have political beliefs, just like anyone else, I refuse categorically to make my art practise some tool of ANY ideology, including my own.

I am human, however, and surely some will see some politics seep through. Some will also see other beliefs and convictions seep through, religious or irreligious. But over time, it will be impossible to guess what my thoughts are, and that’s how it should be.

So all those false artists who are really just revolutionary propagandists, I tried to warn you. The authorities may be keeping an eye out on you, I can’t say. But I would stop immediately with the lies and the abused of history.

It’s not like there’s going to be this great Purge, like in the movies, man. Get over yourself, and maybe lay off the crack-cocaine a little every now and then. And stop committing petty crimes. While I don’t believe in the existence of criminal organizations, or of mafioso men like in the Hollywood movies, in case they did exist, I would have to say that that’s not the kind of crimes I’m talking about. I don’t know anything about that shit, that’s way above my pay grade. No, I’m talking about tiny crooked acts, everyday acts like stealing the lunch money from some vulnerable kid in school. I’m not talking about terrorists either and all that shit. Not my business, sorry. We have authorities for that stuff. In a sense, you could say I’m worried less about crimes than just plain everyday immorality. Like false artists who really are just there so they can try to advocate for their preferred policy change. I’m talking the anarchists et al.

Welcome to the New Shit. This is the Age of Discipline. I’m not answering any questions.

A.G. (c) 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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