What The Python???!

Greatings, visitors! Simply put, this blog is meant as a place for me to write about what I’ve learned about Python in the last 5 years, since I first learned how to program in Python.

Mostly, I want this to be a repository, if you will, of the many wonderful modules, libraries, and frameworks etc. that I have experimented with, or else discovered, during my daily practice of coding in Python. For all intents and purposes, even after 5 years, I’m still just a beginner as far as programming goes. However, I have spent countless hours going through hundreds if not thousands of different repositories of Python code, so I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what is out there in terms of resources for Python programmers.

I have had introductions to other languages and in the end, I don’t really like Python all that much, but the fact of the sheer numbers of Python programmers out there makes it a great community, one that I am otherwise happy to belong to.

Python, as you know, is a “high-level, general-purpose” programming language, amongst other things, and that’s kind of what I don’t like about it. I don’t like things to be sugar-coated. I don’t necessarily want to work at a higher level. I don’t find Python code all that readable, no matter how good the original coder is or was. I think it looks like spaghetti no matter what you code up in Python.

Nevertheless, as I said, Python has a huge community of users, developers, programmers, et al, and that makes it a good thing to have, I guess, an “asset” if you must. But as soon as I find something closer to my real needs, I’ll probably switch to something else. In that regard, I’m relatively “agnostic” as far as Python goes. It gets the job done, at least for now. I’m not a “loyalist”, though. Again, as soon as something more fitting comes along, I’ll be the first to jump off the Python Mothership.

In any case, none of that affects the fact that this blog is going to be about my discoveries in Python-Land. Hope you enjoy my Reflections on Python // Pythonic Reflections. Of course, an introduction to a blog about All Things Python would not be worth its salt if it didn’t have a comical piece of actual Python code. And so here goes nothing…

def WhatIsPython(garbage):
return garbage