Who Pays For The Museums?

The rich and powerful, obviously. That’s why my art must be impartial, independent, apolitical, non-interventionist, and also why it must promote the civic virtues universally and also always be of the highest quality possible, AND it’s also why it must be done openly today in my own name AND why my moral rights, after all of the above is said and done, must absolutely be protected, i.e. I need complete control over my production.

Since the rich and powerful fund, build, sustain, preserve, maintain, run, etc. the museums, then obviously their intellectual property rights come FIRST. It is the true natural order of things. ALSO since there are still monarchies and theocracies in the world that we did business with before or are otherwise intermingled with our democratic capitalist Republics, or realms within the greater Commonweal, whether Acts of Parliament or similar devices or instruments, then obviously the acquired assets of Kingdoms come first, in the protection and preservation grand scheme of things. That is just how things really work.

This is why I’m okay with being poor and working hard and the rich and powerful taking care of business and it’s why I basically work for free, volunteering my time to do everything I can to ensure that the rich and powerful are not interfered with in any way purely because I need them to keep funding, building, operating, etc., museums. It is totally selfish of me.

Social exclusion is a real problem that can easily be solved: Stop excluding people, love your neighbor. As for “economic exclusion”, I’m not yet certain that such a thing exists. Frankly, I think that economic violence is a much better real existing thing to put focus on AND it is clear, unambiguous, and can be easily solved.

I leave you to think through the rest of this early morning thought exercise, call it my morning constitutional. Some motivating questions: Was any of the above overtly anything? Was it Leftist? Was it right-wing? Was it dog whistles? Was it fit for Walt Disney television viewing audience? Was it unique and original thought? Is it too deep or complicated or confusing? How can I possibly make myself any clearer? Am I the only good soul left in the universe? I don’t know myself. I think it’s the right idea, though, to think or it, treat it as, a morning constitutional.

The rest is up to you to decide, not me. I just promote civic virtues through my many art projects. BEWARE: I came to this after a lifetime of sweat and tears and blood. AND for that reason, it is unforgeable, inclonable, and why I must do what I can to protect all moral rights to me work so that there can be no negative externalities Caused by my investments of everything in my art practise, merely so I can have peace and tranquility in my own home. If none of this is making sense to you, please move on. It’s not about you unless you think yourself to be a black bloc information tactician, in which case you should either stop, AND/OR turn yourself in because you are currently invested in a situation that is UNClear, UNClean, UNSafe, UNCertain.

I can hardly wait to see the extreme-term preservation rally around these concepts. AND just so you know, I saw nothing all that wrong with the so-called Protestant work ethic. I just needed a much better ethic for myself before I could start interfacing with the world in a true Art Operation. I formalized it all and only real professionals of are ever going to test it carefully before parsing through what I have stated publicly TODAY.

AND that’s how it allows me to do ONLY GOOD WORKs. I have nothing against anyone, I am just ultraparanoid in my approach to preserving the only dignity I have left.