Even When You Can’t Change the World You Can Still Motivate Yourself to Change

Charmd Baker
Aug 13 · 3 min read

Keeping a close watch on the world around you can motivate people to succeed in changing themselves for the better.

Charm Baker — Motivational Moments | QUOTE BY: “Rumi”

Do you sometimes wish you could change the world and put an end to all the crazy stuff you see happening every single day? Whether you can actually do something to help change things or not, there is always something you can do to motivate yourself to change. Even if the world around you stays the same, you can make a difference in how you do (or don’t) react to things.

My Writing Life

Since the start of 2019, I’ve been going through a bit of a transition in my writing life. For one thing, I’ve become more and more open to the idea of sharing details about my own personal experiences in life, even the embarrassing ones.

But I’ve also been keeping my eye on world events and particularly what’s happening in the political arena, especially with respect to how it affects people’s everyday lives. As a way of finally committing to future stories that discuss serious political issues, I wrote the following story on Medium.

If you take a few moments to read the above story, you’ll see why I feel a certain amount of pride at having published the information. Not only have I put on my big girl panties and taken a stand for something that I believe in, but I feel confident that the stand I’ve taken is the right one. I felt so good after publishing this important story, that it prompted me to share an excerpt from my little personal growth ebook (Several Simple Solutions). I’ve posted it for you to enjoy.

I initially wrote this to motivate and inspire readers, as well as myself. The point was to emphasize how good it feels when you succeed in doing something that makes you proud of. I hope you guys enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing this motivational piece.

The Feeling You Get When You Succeed!

There is no greater feeling than that WOW feeling you get when you succeed at something! You know the feeling I mean; it’s a combination of pride, joy, relief, satisfaction, and even a touch of smugness.

Of course you are proud, and you have a right to be! Succeeding at something often requires more than one, two, or even three tries. When you finally get it right and things finally come together, you can’t help but feel pride in yourself.

That feeling of pride quickly leads to joy — the elation that comes from a job well done! You’re relieved that you did it and even in a timely way, so the feeling of incompleteness is a load off your shoulders.

The feeling of success is definitely worth any legitimate efforts that we put forth to win. But it is about more than simply the good feeling that comes from winning, but about knowing that you won fair and square. This is one aspect of success that determined people sometimes take for granted, or forget altogether. Make sure when you succeed, you succeed with honor.

Having succeeded, then you can feel satisfied as well as justified! Then, all that you can think to say is WOW! The little bit of smugness is for those who had no faith; they didn’t really think that you’d succeed. So you can feel good knowing that you proved the skeptics wrong while they all sit back and look and say to themselves, Wow!


Remember, you can always find creative ways to motivate yourself to make the changes you need in life. I love to read, but I get more than simple enjoyment from the Medium stories and online articles that I consume. I read to help motivate me to continue writing about things that really matter in life, and not always take the easy way out as a writer. This was definitely a needed change for me. Maybe if I write enough meaningful stories, one day I might even change the world a little bit.

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

Charmd Baker

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