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The way your articles and Medium stories look can actually have an effect on the way they appeal to readers.

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Have you ever clicked on a Medium story, or an article to read online, only to find that it was just one long block of writing? Maybe, it contained one or two breaks in the entire content, but even those breaks weren’t properly identified by a subheading. If you’re anything like me, this is an immediate turn off.

The story might actually be something well worth reading, but if it looks like I described, I won’t bother to stick around and read it. I doubt that I’m the only reader who feels this way, that’s why I believe it’s so important to pay attention to the appearance of the articles you write and the stories you post on Medium.

Attractive Articles

Attractive looking articles help add to the article’s appeal. The importance of article appearance AND article appeal should not be underestimated. New writers can start using the proper writing and formatting strategies right from the start, instead of figuring this out the hard way. Attractive articles are easier to read, and may even help you earn a little extra change for your writing.

I’ve previously written for tons of different writing sites, so I know that your article page views can increase when your readers get used to your style. But first, they need to know they can rely on always finding content that is: entertaining, informative, or useful in some way. These things make your articles appealing, but readers also want to find articles that are attractive to the eyes. That includes:

  • Cool images (not too many)
  • Legible fonts (easy on the eyes)
  • Highlighted points (bullets, bold, italics)
  • Identifiable Transitions (subheadings, paragraph breaks)

Creating Easy to Read Articles

Creating easy to read articles may not be as easy as it seems for some new writers. This is an area that really requires a concentrated effort, because typically, all writers want to do is just write. But merely getting the words down on the page is not enough. That is why the few article enhancing tips listed above can be so helpful. Performing just these simple activities can help make your articles more attractive and easier to read.

Keep in mind that overdoing any or all of the bulleted tips above can be just as ineffective as not doing them at all. For instance, the bold attribute should be reserved for making words or phrases stand out. if you use the bold attribute throughout your entire article, nothing stands out as important. Not only that, keep in mind that search engines look for and assume that bold type words and phrases hold more prominence.

If you want the search engines to acknowledge the importance of words and phrases in bold, you have to use the attribute sparingly.

Good Article Writing Includes Subheadings

Good article writing consists of a number of things, including effective subheadings. New writers should not overlook developing effective subheadings in their articles. Every writing resource that offers help to new writers encourages article writers to use the subheading designations.

The subheading designations of H1 / H2 / H3 are generally available as standard options for your headings, however, some writing platforms like Medium, provide one link for all your suggested headings. Whichever option you choose should be okay, as long as you learn to separate and break up your information in a logical and consistent fashion.


When it comes to how appealing your stories and articles are, has a lot to do with the actual content and what you’re writing about. Although not every topic will appeal to every reader, generally, visitors to your articles and Medium stories are already interested.

If they managed to find their way to whatever you have written, chances are, they’re curious about the information. They want to read what you have to say, so be sure not to put them off by creating a post that is outright unattractive. Pay attention to the stories you post and make sure they’re attractive AND they have appeal.

Daily Charm

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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Daily Charm

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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