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Creating a Twitter Moment can be a good way to get more social media exposure for the stories you write on Medium.

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Hey all you freelancers, entrepreneurs, or online marketers. Do you wish you could get more productivity out of your social media accounts? Maybe you’re a Medium story writer like me, and you would love to find a way to get more exposure for your stories. I’ve decided to give Twitter Moments a try, and see if this useful resource can help to bring me more readers for my stories on Medium.

Social Media Marketing

There are tons of online marketing activities that you could be filling your days doing, but not all of them are necessarily worth the efforts. While everyone has their favorite social media platform that they like to spend time on, there are clearly a few names that actually lead the pack.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three that come to mind, but that’s just my humble opinion. All three of these social media sites provide various means for writers and others to network, market, and promote their activities. Of the three, I’ve become most accustomed to using Twitter on a regular basis. That was how I learned about Twitter Moments.

Discovering Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments can be a great tool for Medium writers because you can share a specific collection of your stories, and list the tweets the way you see fit.

Some time ago, I discovered Twitter’s really cool resource tool that they refer to as “Moments,” and they symbolize with a tiny picture of a lightning bolt. I liked the feature when I first saw it, though I haven’t taken advantage of it like I should.

At the time, I did go so far as to create one, just to see how it worked. The purpose of the one I made was to help promote the book I had just released. It’s still posted and available to view. I labeled my Twitter Moment Las Vegas Black History because that’s what my Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge novel is about. It basically consists of a dozen tweets, all inter-related, with the theme being the same — the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.

I believe Twitter Moments can be a great tool for Medium writers because you can share a specific collection of your stories, and list the tweets the way you see fit. To help you get a better understanding of how it works, take a moment (no pun intended) to let me tell you what I learned about this resource. After you’re done reading the rest of this material, I know you’ll want to hurry over to Twitter and start creating your own Moments.


Simply put, a Twitter Moment is an organized compilation of tweets that

1) You have already posted AND/OR

2) You have re-tweeted from other people AND/OR

3) You post right before creating a Moment.

Just think of it like this. Twitter is a bag containing ALL of your photos (your own, plus the ones you’ve stolen over the years from all your family and friends). You finally decide to organize them, so you buy several new albums (MOMENTS) to group your favorite related photos together.

So to be clear: You can use new, existing, and re-tweeted posts to create your Twitter Moments. Twitter suggests using no more than 10 tweets (plus the cover) when creating your Moments. I bet by now, you’re starting to see how beneficial Twitter Moments can be when you have something to promote online. But like anything, you want to try and employ some kind of strategy.

Benefit to Audience

Instead of including YOUR favorite tweets when you create your Moments, focus more on RELATED tweets that will appeal to your audience. Better yet, make sure the tweets that your Moments contain are also beneficial to your audience (so forget about all the cute little cat tweets and give them a worthwhile post).

If you’re using Moments to promote Medium stories, be sure to select stories that fit into whatever theme you’re focusing on. And keep in mind, you don’t have to just include your own tweeted stories, include tweets from other Medium members, like maybe those writers who write for the same publications you write for. In fact, let’s talk a little more about what your Moment should include.


When you create your first Twitter Moment, just keep the following in mind. Whatever number of tweets that you decide to use (10 is a good maximum) don’t just select tweets that you’ve posted that all say the same generic thing like “read my Medium stories”. You should also:

Include tweets that talk about the topic your story is related to (all the tweets don’t have to actually be story posts — as long as they’re relative to the story)

  • Include tweets containing a brief quote from the story
  • Include retweets that relate to your story (from other people’s tweets)

You can sift through previous tweets on your account, and use those that previously received the most views. To find this information, simply go to your Twitter Profile page, and look for “Your Tweet activity,” and locate the section for your “Top Tweets.”

Don’t worry if you have too many tweets to look through, or not enough previous tweets to register results. You can still just re-tweet some of your Followers who previously posted tweets on the story topic. In other words, if you don’t already have former tweets to add to your collection for a particular theme, create some new RELATED tweets while you’re setting up the Moment.


The first thing you want to do is decide on a theme for your Moment. Since we’re promoting Medium stories, I’d say, select a story you really want more visibility for, then build your theme around the topic of the story. You have the option of including multiple stories centered around one topic, or one story and multiple tweets centered around the story and/or topic. Whatever you decide, just remember that viewers want to read topics that benefit them so select and/or create tweets that relate to your story, but that benefit the reader.

When you know which tweets you’ll be including in your first Moment, you’ll be ready to start setting things up, and then add all the links that are needed. Here are the necessary steps you’ll need to take on Twitter. Go there, look at the column on the left and click the little icon (that looks like a button) right under your profile image. When you do, you’ll see the word “Moments” for you to click on. Then, positioned at the top, towards the center, you’ll see the little lightning bolt. That’s where you click to get the Moments set up menu.

STEP ONE — Describe the Moment

The first thing you need to fill in is the title and brief description for your Twitter Moment. Try to keep it short and memorable, not too vague. Just try and think of a theme that works in harmony with your story title and content; then create a related title and description for your Twitter Moment.

Feel free to use my own Twitter Moment (“Las Vegas Black History”) as an example if you need to. If you do, you’ll notice how my title and description are in harmony with my book information about the 1955 Moulin Rouge casino.

STEP TWO — Provide a Cover

When you add a COVER for your Twitter Moment, think of it as part of the description. Take advantage of this valuable resource. Your cover can be used as a great way to provide more enticing information about what the Moment will include.

If you want it to, the cover you create can serve as a directory or table of contents, which is what I chose to do with my cover. Readers will enjoy having a preview of what’s on the “menu” of your Twitter Moment. The cover can be extremely instrumental in getting people to view your Twitter Moments, so take advantage of it and use it like a tool.

STEP THREE — Add the Tweets

The actual tweets you select for your Moment are equally as important as the cover. Don’t forget that your goal as a Medium writer is to promote and get exposure for your stories, while providing something useful to the viewer. Make sure to insert tweets (or re-tweets) that give ’em something to talk about.

The very last thing you do after adding the tweets to your Moment and clicking “Done” is to announce your new creation on Twitter. All you’re doing is posting a regular tweet that will include a link to the Moment you created.


And that’s pretty much all there is to creating a Twitter Moment. If it sounds like too much to do, it’s really not. You’ll see how right I am if you just hop on over to Twitter and jump right in. Start by creating just one Moment. And feel free to come back and let everyone know how it went.

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A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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Daily Charm

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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