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Staying focused on a project or goal can be difficult to do when the world offers so many distractions.

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Have you ever started a project that seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, but for some reason you fail to follow through? I have, lots of times. In fact, I used to be notorious for doing this. I can’t tell you how many great ideas I’ve had, and even started working on, but just never bothered to see all the way to the end. But eventually, one of the life lessons I finally had to teach myself was how to stay focused. I learned how to stop letting life’s distractions interfere with my plans and goals.

Maintain Motivation

One thing I figured out was that my motivation wasn’t always as constant as it should have been. My days used to consist of various highs and lows, and believe me, the lows tend to affect your level of motivation. I would typically get fired up about different online projects. But after tackling a project for a while, for one reason or another, I’d lose my initial enthusiasm. Before long, all my zeal would fizzle out.

In order to stay on course, I had to implement creative ways to motivate myself about the project. I also had to remind myself why I thought the project was a good idea in the first place, and what exactly I hoped to achieve. These kind of probing questions are essential to helping you keep your eye on the prize and not lose focus.

Distracted by Things

Nowadays, people are being pulled this way and that, by every new gadget, gizmo, and digital device. If the things in our virtual world can’t keep us entertained, there’s plenty to do in cyberspace.

Between social media and technological advances, there is much to keep us preoccupied. All this can be great, just as long as these things are viewed in the proper perspective. But these things can also become distractions when you have a goal to achieve, a project to complete or a mission to accomplish.

Distracted by People

When it comes to distractions and losing our focus, it is not just technology that can get in our way. Another common way for us to lose focus is to allow others to stand in our way. Sometimes the people we love the most can end up being the biggest distractions!

As a longtime freelance writer, I know all too well how other people can manage to distract you from your schedule or agenda. Some people may not even be aware that they’re doing this, but others are are simply inconsiderate when it comes to your time and efforts.

For years, no one in my family really took my writing serious. They failed to respect my time whenever I was engaged in a writing session. They disturbed me for any and every little thing! But once I started putting my foot down, eventually they became less of a distraction to me when I wrote.

Avoiding Discouragement

When you have a mission or goal in life, you do whatever you can to avoid discouragement. While it is not okay to shut your loved ones out; be it friend, family, or lover, it is also not alright to let others step on your dreams. That is exactly what will happen if you get discouraged and fail to stay focused. You’ll never manage to accomplish your goal.

Right now, I still have a dream of being a best-selling author one day, but I know that will never happen if I get discouraged and stop writing. Discouragement is actually a form of distraction, because it prevents you from continuing on your mission. That is why I give myself a good talking to, whenever I need to be reminded about distractions and staying focused.

Staying Focused

Staying focused may not be easy, but it is possible. So why is it that on one day, we can be so convinced about the benefit of doing something, and the next day, we start to question and have doubts? Personally, I chalk this up to a little thing called human nature.

In our modern society today, life offers us an overwhelming variety of choices. We feel just like kids in a candy store, that there are just way too many tasty things to look at and drool over, even when we think we know exactly what we want to buy. Life can be the same way sometimes, presenting us with such a vast array of choices. We just can’t seem to make up our minds, and if we do make up our mind, we’re subject to lose focus and change our mind the very next day.

Create Attainable Goals

Staying focused and free of distractions is easier when you set attainable goals. When you know and believe that your goals are truly attainable, this can help you stay on course and not be tempted to switch to something else. Without an attainable goal, you might want to quit a project or hesitate about continuing because of fear. In my own case, it took me a long time to realize why I often started projects, only to abandon them before completion.

What I discovered about myself was that I could apparently deal with dropping out of a race better than I could deal with not winning. In other words, I chose to give up on some activities, instead of risking failure. But thank goodness, those days are in the past. Now I know how to successfully work on accomplishing my goals.

I write lists and create visuals to post and help keep me focused from week to week. I know exactly what I want to accomplish each and every day and I say and do things to reinforce my plans. I post notes, reminders and affirmations around and near my computer space and work area. I work hard to stay motivated about whatever it is I’m working on at the time.


Whatever future goals, or projects you hope to succeed with, you can make things go easier by not biting off more than you can chew. For instance, no matter what primary goal I set for the week, I also create a list of smaller goals to attain. These smaller goals are things that I can work on and accomplish on a daily basis. Every single thing on my list is designed to bring me that much closer to my primary weekly goal. This way, I’m slowly but surely working my way to successfully completing all my goals over time.

Daily Charm

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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Daily Charm

A seasoned freelance writer and self-published author provides candid, entertaining, and informative stories about personal life experiences before, during, and after becoming an online writer.

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