40 of my Most Favorite Things

So, I have finally succumbed after being nominated by the fourth person in the last fortnight to write about 40 of my favorite things (thank you, you all know who you are)!

In no particular order, and for the sake of community involvement (and not wanting to be a spoilsport) I have listed 40 of my most favorite things.

  1. The smell of newly cut grass.

2. Swinging on a swing.

3. Spending time in wild places (no other humans).

4. The aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee.

5. The crusty end of a newly baked still warm loaf of bread, slathered with butter.

6. An Italian mushroom risotto.

7. A good red wine.

8. The smell in the air when it first starts raining.

9. The feel of climbing into bed after fresh, clean sheets have been put on.

10. A long hot bubble bath, with beautiful, gentle music on in the background.

11. Freshly baked chocolate brownies, with gooey insides and slightly crunchy outsides.

12. A strong cup of hot tea.

13. The sound of rain and wind outside, and on the roof, when tucked up safe and warm in bed.

14. A long conversation on the phone with any of my four adult children.

15. Seeing my grandson.

16. Smelling frangipani flowers in bud on the tree.

17. The scent of freesias (my favorite flower smell) or gardenias.

18. The sound of kookaburras laughing.

19. Spending time with my husband cuddled up together first thing in the morning when he is still asleep (the sound and feel of him breathing, his scent).

20. Hearing my husband play guitar and singing.

21. Listening to my favorite music.

22. Walking next to the ocean each day with my little dog.

23. Swimming in the cold running water of a river.

24. Listening to the birdsong at dawn (the dawn chorus) each morning (if I am awake). It always is such a beautiful sound as I lay with my eyes closed and gradually take in the chorus as more and more birds join in.

25. The joy of painting and the feel and smell of paint as it goes on the canvas and pleasure of creating something I consider unique, beautiful and meaningful.

26. The joy of reading a really good book (I usually have four or five books on the go each week).

27. Eating room temperature chocolate with a cup of tea.

28. Traveling to new places and seeing new things.

29. Going on a road trip with my husband over a few days, and playing music in the car, and talking for hours.

30. Meditating and reaching a state of profound peacefulness.

31. Reading something profound that deeply touches my heart and stays with me.

32. Watching a film that moves me (The last movie at the cinema I watched and loved was “Lion,” starring Nicole Kidman).

33. Spending time with one of my dear friends and catching up over a coffee or cup of tea.

34. Receiving a letter in the mail from my surrogate nana (I save them all) and taking my time reading and savoring her every word.

35. I enjoy my time spent writing each day.

36. I enjoy working for my boss and seeing the pleasure he gets when we complete projects he is passionate about (he has quadriplegia and is in a wheelchair but is an inventor and designer and I am his hands, he is the brains, and together we make his designs come together in real life).

37. Seeing my Dad and catching up.

38. Listening to the ocean when I lay in bed at night (we live only 50m from the Pacific Ocean) and the sound of the waves and sea is constant, calming and reassuring.

39. Planning a surprise for my husband or family member, and seeing the happiness on their face when all is revealed.

40. The feeling I get when I stand under a massive tree, lean back against its trunk and look up at the sky through filtered leaves.