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Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry
Note from the editor

These daily writings are a record of my personal reflections on life; stories related to personal growth and self insight; a record of my struggles with doubt and belief; and my journey to connect more deeply with spirit.

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Deborah Christensen
Seeker of Understanding/Meaning, Explorer of Spirit, Writer, Artist, Believer/Doubter, Dreamer, Introverted Communicator, Questioning it All
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Brett Christensen
Blogger and hoax-slayer. I enjoy writing and photography and I’m passionate about learning new things.
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Susan Saybrook
Things you might find in this writer's catch-all drawer include: child's artwork, university ID, dog treat, half-written list, & poem on a napkin.
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Chaitra Ramaiah
A deep conduit connects heart to pen and camera, smitten by fitness bug, Wildlife lover, a programmer — printf (“WTF is life 🤔”);
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Katarina Karmazinova
Writer. Founder of STORY DONE writing retreats led by published writers & free feedback on your work at www.storydone.com & www.facebook.com/groups/storydone/
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Anna Klawitter
www.developingworth.com Take control of who you are and know why it matters.
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Allison van Tilborgh
Organizational Communication and Religion at Rollins College.
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James Garside
NCTJ-qualified journalist, writer, world traveler. Writer for 70+ publications (Hacker Noon, The Ascent, Writing Coop) jamesgarside.net patreon.com/jamesgarside