Black & White Sheepdog

Answers to ‘Skye’ (Poem)

‘Skye’ at Cave Rock, Australia — Photo Credit Brett Christensen

Black n white,
A flash, a blur.
Sheepdog trials,
Memories a whirr.

Creeping fast,
Belly low.
Paws so silent,
Fast, then slow.

Eyes so alert,
Tail held out.
You watch n learn,
Forever devout.

In the river,
You never stop.
Water lover,
You hesitate, not.

Running low,
Running fast.
A stick to play,
Your gaze holds fast.

I throw it hard,
You dart, you catch.
You never fail,
To bring it back.

Dashing here,
Dashing there.
Sheepdog ‘Skye’,
Natures prayer.