Beautiful Girl

A Poem For My Daughter

Original Painting by Deborah Christensen

Silent, tiny, and perfectly formed
I hold you, gazing at you in awe

Your wide eyes taking in all around you
Silently observing, then 
Quietly withdrawing into sleep

As you grew, you shadowed me
Copying my every move
Playing at make believe cooking and tea parties 
Dressing and cradling your doll babies as if they were your own

You loved dresses, dancing, singing and as you grew into adulthood
Imaginary dress ups turned into real makeup, jewellery and boyfriends

My beautiful girl, I am so proud of the woman you have become
Kind, independent, caring, nurturing your partner, friends and fur baby
Imagining a time you will hold your own child in your arms

You are still quiet, observing before you speak
Living life to the full, not scared to be daring, to be you

When I reach out your skin remains soft to the touch, and your hair 
Reminding me of that first time I breathed in the essence of you when I cradled you

Always my baby, my first born daughter, my beautiful child.