Finding Grace in my Morning Walk

Sunrise this morning where I live (Deborah Christensen)
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” ~ Albert Einstein

I took my little dog Lily for a walk at 5.45 am this morning.

It was an overcast day but still very humid. I live only 50m from the Pacific Ocean on the East Coast of Australia in the state of Queensland. It is Autumn but being semi-tropical we do not have four seasons of the year, but instead we have what is called both a rainy and a dry season.

We are at the tail end of the rainy season, and so although the temperature is now dropping to a comfortable 30 degrees each day (86 degree Fahrenheit), it is still quite humid (87% humidity today).

It is semi-tropical, and coconut trees and cabbage trees grow on the side of the banks next to the path where we walk each day.

All the following photos I am sharing were taken by myself on my phone this morning.

Further along, the path I took on my walk this morning: (about 7 am)

I walked consciously.

I wanted to be mindful. I tried to take in my surroundings and stay present in each moment.

I breathed.

I slowed when my little dog wanted to pee or sniff.

I also allowed myself to follow my intuition and wander down to the ocean explore the rock pools, or wander off the path if I felt the urge to do so.

We were away for a couple of hours and here is what we experienced.

Cabbage Trees

Cabbage Tree silhouetted against sky this morning

I truly looked at the cabbage trees.

During night time walks, my husband and I have seen possums sitting up in these trees. No possums were seen today (although they could have been hiding in the dense foliage).

Sea birds perch or nest in them occasionally.

Bats feed off their fruit as well as many other birds.

Geckos, lizards, rats and other small creatures nest up within their leaves and take shelter in them.

Currently, their large seed pods have finished ripening, and have broken up into individual seeds that are laying scattered underneath the trees.

Hidden pathway (discovered today)

I diverted off the walkway and crossed a large grassy area to look down the cliff to the sea. I noticed off to my right what seemed like a path next to some large volcanic boulders (thrown here 900,000 years ago when a volcano erupted about 5km /3 miles away).

Lily and I wandered down. On the way down I noticed some small mushrooms (or are they toadstools) growing in the middle of the pathway. I stopped to take a closer look.

There were large pockets of sea spinach growing along the banks down to the sea. This is edible and like its generic name suggests tastes a bit like spinach.

We saw tiny little purple flowers growing hidden in amongst the other grasses. I am unsure what they are called. It was good to stop and truly look at them though. They are tiny beauties in miniature.

I stopped and sat on top of some of the volcanic rocks and took a small video with my phone of my surroundings.

After this, I sat and meditated with Lily sitting quietly next to me for about 15 minutes.

The wind sounds much stronger in the video than in real life, but the sound of the ocean was quite loud.


Video by Deborah Christensen (Courtesy of Brett Christensen Vimeo account)

From the sunrise which was spectacular due to the stormy skies, and then the overcast morning, which made it more refreshing to walk, Lily and I wandered and explored with no thoughts of walking for “exercise” or sticking to the path, or of me being lost in my thoughts.

I truly tried to “look” and see everything that was around me today.

I believe in walking for exercise where I am focused on the health benefits, but today was one of those days where Lily and I walked for the pure pleasure of exploring and genuinely seeing and being appreciative of our surroundings.

I believed I “rambled” and it was most enjoyable.