I Stuff Myself With Food

Fulfilling emotional needs

I stuff myself with food

Which fills an emotional need

To feel loved

But afterward, once I am full

I feel as empty as ever

The pain in my stomach aches

The ache is a reminder of inner pain

Needing release

Not through food

But awareness, breath, and focus

Allowing focused kindness to matter

To be enough

The pain when looked at

Unwraps itself, and moves

Stretches its legs

Gets up, and then leaves

The spot at the table is now


Until kindness who has been observing

Sits down

And writes

Deborah Christensen is a writer, artist, published author and a disability support worker. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia and also has citizenship in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She lives with her husband, and a rescue dog called ‘Lily’ and has six adult children (and one amazing grandchild) who live away from home. She’s on Twitter @Deborah37035395 and Pinterest and is the author of the best selling award winning memoir Inside/Outside: One Woman’s Recovery From Abuse and a Religious Cult.