I Want to Fall Into Your Shadow

Relax And Be Me

I want to fall into your shadow

I want to relax and melt into you and you into me

Our shame will be our lifeboat, for you and for me

We will be each others savior, we will be each other’s free

Away from the light of goodness,

Separated from the reality of day

Our bad, and our hidden becomes where we rest

Fragile, unafraid, and completely at peace

We know we are not judged but are accepted

We don’t have to protect our hearts, be hardcore

No longer having to keep our shields raised, always second guessing

I can just be me and you can just be you

We fall into each other's shadows

And we can just BE

I love you, you love me

Each of us, imperfectly perfect, perfectly imperfect

Our imperfections are our safety net

Our shadows are where we both are free

Relaxed like a baby, afloat on a leaf

Vulnerable, yet able to breathe