Knowing the Intelligent Cosmic Space

paul mulliner
Jun 27 · 3 min read

You’re not a separate person. Neither am I. Although we have separate human bodies, the conscious awareness we all share with each other is a single field of cosmic intelligence, a spatial consciousness everywhere, inside us and throughout the Universe.

Each one of us is this cosmic spatial-intelligence continuously coming into existence as a human being.

Cosmic intelligence is transforming itself into living beings by spin-patterning cosmic energy into the quantum scale field-resonances we observe as the streaming flows of cell biochemistry characteristic of all life.

A cosmic field-intelligence organism in all space is transforming itself into living beings across the Universe, making itself visible to itself and experiencing life as every living being.

There’s never a time in our everyday life when this field-consciousness, the core-stuff of the Universe, isn’t looking through all of us into the world, conscious of every moment of our experience, aware of every thought, realizing and knowing every moment.

As we tune in to this spatial conscious-intelligence and bring it into our awareness, we can begin to feel more at home in the Universe and on this planet.

We can find a larger sense of ourselves as cosmic beings, as we intuitively realize the whole visible Universe and all life everywhere to be a continuously generated expression of cosmic intelligence.

Today, here and now in our everyday life in the world, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing at this moment, we’re connected into a cosmic-scale consciousness field-organism which is bringing us all into being within itself.

The space around, within and between us is an aware and conscious cosmic intelligence and as we intuitively realize this conscious awareness within ourselves by inwardly paying attention to it, we can know it as the self inside all of us.

When we do this, we realize that there’s no actual ‘other’. There’s only the appearance of others, within one seamless field of conscious awareness inside all of us and in all space everywhere.

Our thoughts about ourself can reinforce the sense of separation we may feel from existing in separate human bodies and our busy life in the world can result in us paying more attention to what’s happening around us than inside us.

Tuning in to the presence of this cosmic field inside ourselves helps us lessen our attachment to thoughts of separation and we can more easily dissolve the thought boundaries that separate us from each other.

A field-experiencing cosmic consciousness is generating all life across the Universe, experiencing every moment within all of us and becoming more aware of itself by doing so.

~We can bring this intuitive realization into our daily life by taking a focus of attention inward.

~The focus of our attention, like the rays of light focussed into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space that surrounds us.

~If we pause from reading for a moment, we can take the location of this point-focussed attention away from the words on our screen and move it into the inner core of ourself.

~We can gently hold this focus of attention in the inner core of ourself and allow our thinking to subside.

~Our attention is now focussed within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe.

What we are, at the core of our innermost self and in all space everywhere, is what is looking through all of us into the world.


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Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

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Daily Connect

Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

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