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February 2019 (A Complete List of All Articles)

This is the fourth month I have been publishing on Medium.

Here is a compilation of all stories I have published during February 2019.

They appear under the headings: Spirituality, Self Awareness, Life and Poetry to make them easier to peruse.

This month I am a Top Writer in four categories on Medium in Mental Health, Parenting, Art and Poetry.

I also am a writer for 10 publications: The Ascent, Uncalendared, Creative Humans, Invisible Illness, Change Your Mind Change Your Life, The Junction, Hopes, and Dreams for our Future, Literally Literary, The Pivot Point, and Chalkboard.

I started a new publication which I called House of Haiku dedicated solely to the form of poetry known as Haiku (this publication is open for submissions from all writers). Haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines (5, 7, 5). Thank you to all my fellow poets who have joined as writers for House of Haiku so far. We are having fun! We welcome submissions.

Thank you all for reading and following what I write.

February 2019

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