Our Cosmic Dance of Life

A continual cycle of creation and destruction

I was fascinated when I first learned about the dancing Shiva, from Indian mythology.

He is represented with four arms, dancing in a circle of fire, dancing at the heart of creation.

It is a cosmic dance; it represents the power which permeates the whole universe.

The idea is that God is dancing in the heart of creation and in every human heart.

Shiva holds a drum in his upper right hand. This drum indicates the vibration of sound from which all creation arose and is believed to be the original sound — Om.

In his upper left hand, he holds fire, the symbol of destruction.

In this way, Shiva represents the whole rhythm of creation, where the entire world is being continually created and destroyed.

As we recognize this rhythm in ourselves, we also recognize it all around us.

Examples of expansion and contraction within ourselves

  • During pregnancy, our uterus expands, then contracts after birth
  • Swelling of the penis for intercourse, from flaccid to rigid
  • Orgasm
  • Our lungs when breathing
  • Filling our brains with knowledge as we grow (education), forgetfulness with old age
  • Menstrual cycle — preparing for life and increased vitality, then flow of blood and release of the lining of the uterus, leading to a natural period of inactivity and slowing down
  • Menopause: A time to reflect and gather thoughts as opposed to youth and drive to find a mate and procreate
  • The pupils of our eye, expand and contract in light
  • Our blood vessels
  • The muscle of our heart pumping
  • The way our muscles work

Examples of expansion and contraction within the universe

  • Our universe continually expanding and contracting, eg, black holes, supernovas
  • Seed pods contain life within, then expand with water, nutrients and correct soil to grow into plant/tree
  • Flooding rain absorbs into the earth, conversely, in a desert, the soil cracks dry up and open
  • The tides of the ocean ebbing and rising due to the influence of the moon
  • Winter (a time of hibernation and stagnation) and Spring a time of new growth and new life
  • Open landscapes and dark caves

So, by understanding and accepting that life and death (expansion and contraction, creation and destruction) are a natural part of the rhythm of creation — we can identify the times in our lives where we are full of energy, pushing ahead and also the times when we need to pull back and reflect.

  • Be still and pull resources together.
  • Be still and reflect.
  • Be still and gather strength.

We cannot always be surging forth full of energy and new ideas and ‘creating.’

We need times to stop, reflect and gather, as it in these still and quiet times we gather energy, information, and resources to allow us to surge forward once again when the time is right.

This is the order of creation.