A Poem About Workplace Bullying

Deborah Christensen
May 29 · 2 min read

Thank you
for denigrating me
I learned that to value myself
is a gift only I can give

Thank you
for overloading me with work
I learned the value of
saying no

Thank you for
criticizing my clothes
I learned that true ugliness
is revealed in words, not hidden

Thank you for
breaking my spirit
It revealed diamonds in me
I didn’t know existed

I learned that broken
doesn’t mean ‘not whole’
Because where the cracks are
the light comes in

When my heart broke
that is when love
From my divine, also saw you
and the rest of the world

I no longer felt pain
fostered hate or justified ego
I saw the potential for growth
of spirit and soul

I saw wings
that had grown strong
Beating to get out of the cage
you had kept me in for so long

I realized no-one can keep
me in a prison not of my choosing
Within me lies the strength
and freedom to soar

If my eyes close to this world
and open within
I can see my true self
shining, bright and clean

Hate no longer hurts me
your words ricochet off my shield
I protect my heart space
seeing you — I feel pity

I wish you could see
your true self also
Sitting, unnoticed and dusty
wanting to be released

But, I am now free
from the effect of your tyranny
No longer blind, and also strong
So, I say “Thank you”

The gift of your unkindness
opened a door in me
That had been closed
and showed me who I am.

Deborah Christensen is a writer, artist, and published author. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia. She lives with her husband, a rescue dog named ‘Lily’ and has six adult children (and one amazing grandchild) who live scattered throughout Queensland. She’s on Twitter @Deborah37035395 and is the author of the Readers Favorite 2014 award-winning memoir Inside/Outside: One Woman’s Recovery From Abuse and a Religious Cult.

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Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

Deborah Christensen

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Seeker of Understanding/Meaning, Explorer of Spirit, Writer, Artist, Believer/Doubter, Dreamer, Communicator, Counselor https://compassionateconnection.com.au/

Daily Connect

Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

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