To Be Able To Be Me


Photo by Frankie Dixon on Unsplash

As I walk along the lonely coast

I look up and observe the sea eagle

gliding effortlessly

dipping, diving, plummeting

soaring high with a fish in its talons

I cry and ache with longing

For my heart to no longer be heavy

but be light, beautiful and free

to float and soar, be wild

to be able to be me.

Deborah Christensen is a writer, artist, and published author. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia. She lives with her husband, a rescue dog named ‘Lily’ and has six adult children (and one amazing grandchild) who live scattered throughout Queensland. She’s on Twitter @Deborah37035395 and Pinterest and is the author of the best selling and Readers Favorite 2014 award-winning memoir Inside/Outside: One Woman’s Recovery From Abuse and a Religious Cult.