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Jun 17 · 5 min read
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Two Ways to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones: Part Two

In my first post in this series, I wrote about the importance of leaving your comfort zone. I offered a little of my personal experience with the subject and two events and strategies that assisted me in leaving a then destructive comfort zone. You can read it here.

In my second installment, I offered the first two possible ways to step out of our comfort zones, which were reevaluating and purging belongings and reevaluating and purging the people around you. You can read it here. Today, we will explore two more ways you can step further out of or leave your comfort zone.

Let’s begin.

· Start a meditation practice.

The first step to starting a meditation practice would be, in my opinion, setting the intention and actively working on that intention until it becomes a habit.

The idea of meditation to most is that you sit on the floor, on a cushion or even on a chair and be quiet for a set amount of time. In a way, yes and in a way no. For me, meditation is actively and mindfully acknowledging the thoughts that pop in and out of my mind as I sit quietly focusing on my breathing or even my heartbeat. There will be people that will read this and immediately say, that isn’t the way you are supposed to meditate and that isn’t the concept of meditation. But what most people do not realize is that meditation is a practice that becomes something personal.

Meditation becomes a personal journey of reflection, self-awareness, and healing. But at the core of it all, meditation is a practice that instills discipline. The discipline of the mind and the thought processes. It makes us not only focus on breathing, heartbeat, and thoughts but on the emotions that we have attached to those things. Meditation will never offer you what a quick fix of any drug, thrill or vice will. It will offer you a deeper understanding of yourself, your thoughts and ultimately a way to heal and settle yourself.

Meditation has benefits way more descriptive then can be written in this article and I may dare to write more on it in the future, but at this moment we are at stepping out our comfort zones, so let us continue.

So, how does meditation help you step out of or leave your comfort zone?

First, the intent alone is stepping out the norm for you. Second, creating a new and productive habit that you can take with you through your life is something that I would say is leaving your comfort zone, as it is a practice that brings self-awareness, balance and other benefits that one can use to improve their life. And finally, meditation is known to heal old traumas with time and awaken aspects of yourself that would otherwise be hidden and never acted upon. Meditation instills in you a desire to be more yourself in every day you practice.

When it comes to meditation, know that what is right for you may not be right for the next person. However meditation is defined for you, make it your own.

· Practicing self-care.

Here is yet another concept that is something that is person-center based.

For some, self-care has a heavy connotation of cleansing baths, retail therapy, spa days and just doing things that you enjoy. In some ways, this can be true. But to truly explore the practice of self-care in a more holistic way, one must explore what self-care is to themselves and how it resolves issues of stress and anxiety, first and foremost.

Self-care must be practiced and view as a tool to generate, enforce and maintain health, whether it is in the physical, mental or emotion areas of a person’s life.

Self-care, for me, is the practice and intention of making myself mentally, emotionally and physically safe from toxic environments and individuals. Self-care, for me, is an absolute necessity especially at this stage of my life and spiritual journey.

Self-care has become something that is not only a lifeline for me but a stabilizing foundation because I once was the person to offer myself up to be a doormat for the toxic and the unfeeling.

Practicing self-care can look like anything from purging unneeded and toxic people from your life (which we discussed in the previous installment) to excluding yourself from high stress and anxiety causing situations to placing your needs first before engaging and allowing others to make uncalled for decisions for you.

Self-care, used in its proper context, has benefits similar to those of meditation. Such things as self-awareness of stressful situations, creating and enforcing who, what and when situations can come into your bubble/ life and know when to say yes or no can create a whole new existence for someone that wants and needs to leave a destructive comfort zone.

Once you have prioritized self-care into your life, you will begin to see how your life shifts to coincide with your life goals.

Do note that just like the purging of objects/people and meditation, self-care is a concept of re-evaluation and revamping. Like any of these concepts, you will find that there will come times in which you will have to self-check yourself to see if you are where you need/ want to be in your life.

In conclusion, beginning and incorporating a meditation practice and the practice of self-care are very great ways of stepping out of your comfort zone. Both of these concepts offer benefits beyond just the mundane and are highly personalized. They offer possible resolutions in the spiritual and emotional aspects of life and so much more.

In my next post, we will delve into three more ways to leave/step out of our comfort zones.

Once again, thank you for reading and supporting.

May you stay within your own light.


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Daily Connect

Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

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