Why Swinging on a Swing is One of my Favorite Things

“Big doors swing on little hinges.” — W. Clement Stone

I lay back as far as I can comfortably go, holding onto the rope sides and let my head fall back and my hair swing free.

My eyes are tightly shut.

I lean right back, arms outstretched and holding on, with my head back, feeling the weight of it as it is doing nothing in space. My heavy head swinging weightless somehow does not feel binding, heavy, or limiting, but instead feels freeing.

I slowly start to kick one leg forward to get some movement happening.

I keep my eyes tightly shut.

I lift my foot off the ground after kicking off. I swing forward and back. It’s not very far yet, and the swing doesn’t maintain momentum.

I give three or four good pushes with both legs, and finally give a massive push with both of my feet on the ground, and then lay back as far as I can with my head back, my eyes closed, my hands holding tight onto the rope sides, and stretch out my legs as far and straight as they will go in front of me.

I love the feeling of my stomach falling out from under me as I move through the air and then fall back into the dive.

I revel in the freedom and absolute bliss of the swinging motion.

I absorb and take in the feeling of pressure in my head when my eyes are shut, seeing nothing, just experiencing the sensations of moving forward and backward, and pressure increasing and decreasing behind my eyes.

I notice how the light filters through my closed eyelids, as I move into the sunlight, and then goes away as I swing back into the dappled shade under the tree.

I feel so relaxed.

I start to focus on sounds.

I hear the hum of cicadas in the trees around me which is the sound of summer in Australia.

I notice how the sun’s warmth feels on the skin of my face as I swing forward, and how this contrasts with the coolness from the shade under the trees.

I wonder at the difference in temperature within a few feet.

I can hear the birds call and I try and identify how many different types of calls I can hear? I give up trying after identifying three or four.

When I bend my knees and legs back then thrust them forward out in front of me, and extend my head and arms straight back, I revel in the freedom the sudden extension of my body brings me.

I love swinging.

It is one of my favorite things to do.

Especially with my eyes closed.

On a sunny day.

Next to a river when I can also hear water trickling nearby.

Swing Seat at Mountain River: Photo Credit Brett Christensen

It is singularly blissful, and peaceful and the world stops and contracts down into the small moments my ears can pick up, and my body can sense in the small space around me.

Everything feels manageable again.

For a short brief period of time

Everyone should have a swing.

And use it.


It is one of the best therapies around.