Will You Wish Upon a Star?

Night sky
inky blackness, impenetrable 
infinitesimal diamonds
sparkles of light

Cutting a path through your depths
earth hurtles and turns 
following ancient well-worn paths 
orbiting, predictable, reliable

Our Milky Way, elliptical 
innermost misted glow
veiling stars long since gone 
promises of distant galaxies

I look up and dream 
casting my ardent yearnings
into your unknown mysteries

I implore help 
to conceive the unfathomable
gazing into timeless
endless depths

Aware of my minuteness 
finding answers in vastness 
I dissolve in silence, melding
surrendering to connection

Deborah Christensen is a writer, artist, and published author. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia. She lives with her husband, a rescue dog named ‘Lily’ and has six adult children (and one amazing grandchild) who live scattered throughout Queensland. She’s on Twitter @Deborah37035395 and Pinterest and is the author of the best selling and Readers Favorite 2014 award-winning memoir Inside/Outside: One Woman’s Recovery From Abuse and a Religious Cult.