#111. Project 365

The Sun comes up, the Sun comes back down. If I don’t write an article in the morning, or in the afternoon, I’m going to have a lot to post when the time comes.

Project 365 is hard

My goal right now is to write an article every day for a year. That goal is looking like it’s going to be tough to pull off. I don’t think Project 365 would be impossible. In fact, I know that I can do 100, so 365 shouldn’t be an obscene amount.

Last week, I released my articles pretty nonchalantly, as it was very easy for me to write and release them. This week was much harder. Now for the third day straight I’m struggling to get an article out to you guys that makes sense.

It’s extremely hard for me to stay awake right now, let alone right an article that is clear and concise. I’m down right now, but not for the count. I’m going to regroup, and next week is going to be a week where the 365 day mark won’t sound so far away.

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