#113. Narrow Your Scope

I am a very observant person. Sometimes, I just like to sit back and watch. I watch people, processes, animals, etc. That’s just how I am. One thing that I’ve observed over the past few weeks is the fact that people have such a hard time focusing.

When you think of it, focusing shouldn’t be that difficult. You look at what you have/want to do. Then, you prioritize and figure out what task you want to do. After that, you just focus. You turn your attention toward the current task and you focus.

Why isn’t it that simple, then. Because people get distracted. I struggle with this myself. I’ll start a project or some other work and then I’ll open up youtube. 5 minutes later, I’m watching a video. 5 hours later, I’m still watching videos. Of course that’s an exaggeration, but it doesn’t change the fact that I get distracted easily. If you want to get something done, you have to narrow your scope. Focus on one thing and one thing only. Put yourself in a situation where this is no distractions.

When you put something under a magnifying glass, you narrow your field of vision until that thing is magnified large enough for you to see the details. You need to narrow your scope until your focus is on one thing. That’s how you finish. That’s how you eat an elephant. You eat it one bite at a time, and you focus on that bite while you eat it.

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