#16. Learning how to organize

I don’t lay my things out like this, I just stuff it in a backpack and hope for the best.

For most of my life organization has been unimportant to say the least. I didn’t really need it. As long as it didn’t take me hours to find what I needed, I chalked it up as a W. Now, as I venture farther both in my writing career and high school career, I have to learn how to organize.

So what is organization?

In this case, organization isn’t just putting related things in an orderly group. The organization I am speaking about is more mental than physical. Even though having the things I need organized physically is important, it’ll mean nothing if I am not mentally organized.

Mental organization is most of the problem. Most days, I do not make the effort to actually think about the tasks I need to do when I return home. This causes me to underestimate the amount of work I have to do, and allows me to lay around while my work piles up.

I need to know what I am doing. I need to know why I am doing it. I need to know the results/consequences that will ensue if the task it completed or not. This way, I can know how much time I have to comfortably get the work done(if I can even get it done comfortably.

I REALLY need to step it up now.

Going into the school year, I was a man on a mission. Then I got comfortable. I stopped doing all the things that made me successful in the summer. I stopped working out. I stopped using my whiteboard(which I have hanging above my desk). I stopped scheduling the things that I needed to do.

Maybe the break of laziness was good, though. This break that I’ve been taking doesn’t really feel like I break. If anything, it’s just making my life more stressed. How do I relieve the stress? I stop playing around and I get organized.

I can be a very productive person. But that productivity gets driven to the ground if I am not organized. I need to have parameters to work effectively. So, maybe the title should be a little different. The title doesn’t really reflect the content of the article. I should change the title, but I won’t. I will let my mistakes shine through and fix it in the next article. That’s what DailyCupofJo is all about. Getting better. I’ll learn from my mistake. I’ll learn from not being organized just like I’ll learn from making a confusing title.

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