#165. Don’t be afraid to struggle a little

Smooth sailing will never last forever. Sometimes you’ll get wounded, and those wounds will be self-inflicted. Other times, it’ll just be the struggle coming for you. So, please, don’t be afraid to struggle a little along the way.

The struggle will never completely die out. Through the storm, keep your head up and believe that the storm will pass.

Struggles can make you a better human being. Struggle can test your abilities, your will, etc. If those things were never tested, you would never know just how amazing you really are.

Don’t be afraid to struggle. It’s under intense heat, pressure, and age that coal turns into diamonds. It’s under great stress that the great ones shine their light on the world. it’s under the struggle that people find out just how strong they are. There’s beauty in the struggle, so why be afraid of it?

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