#207. Don’t be obsessed with your mornings

Putting to rest the media’s obsession with waking up early and starting off your day off with a bang might be the key to your success.

I’m what you would call an early riser. When I feel my energy is to low to do something useful with my time, I go to sleep. I usually wake up naturally, a couple minutes before my alarm jolts me out of bed and into my day. I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture, but I find it’s relatively easy for me to wake up early, as long as I went to bed at a respectable time the night before.

The media seems to love the idea of waking up early, even before the roosters give their cool. They get people to fantasize about getting half of their day’s work in before the competition wakes up, but ignores the potential side-effects. Unfortunately, this fantasy is largely unattainable for most people. It is simply irrational for most people to try to wake up at dawn, ready to work. Even for many early risers, being in a productive bliss the second you rise is unrealistic.

Instead of fantasizing about the greatness that COULD happen if they wake up earlier, people should focus on the amazing things that WILL happen by maximizing the time they currently have. There is no grand benefit of waking up earlier if you have to give up too much to do so. As long as you’re sleeping the same amount, early risers and night owls have the same amount of time at their disposal. The time they have is simply at different times.

An early riser might work on their brilliant idea as soon as they wake up, while a night owl might feel the strike of inspiration in the week hours of the night. An obsession with waking up early, and potentially giving up your most creative and productive hours of the day could destroy your productivity.

Having a good morning routine is simply not worth destroying the rest of your productivity. Also, forcing yourself to go to bed early, especially if you’re catching z’s during your most productive hours, doesn’t yield the best results. Having a good morning routine is a great idea, but don’t be obsessed with your mornings. It’ll ruin your productivity and creativity.

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