#211. Mozilla acquires Pocket

Source: The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla is the corporation behind popular web browser Firefox; Pocket is the newly monetized read-it-later app that is poised for success. A partnership between Mozilla and Pocket seems too good to be true.

Origin Story

One reason “mozilla + pocket” is a fitting partnership is Pocket’s origin story. Pocket, originally named Read-It-Later, was the first of its kind. The now popular app had its humble beginnings with founder and CEO Nate Weiner as a Mozilla Firefox extension. Shortly thereafter, the app/extension was improved and became a Firefox built-in feature as well as expanding to other platforms. As Pocket continued to grow, they worked continuously with Mozilla.

Pocket grew extremely fast, and got attention from Evernote, the note-taking giant in the space. After being offered an insane amount of money, Weiner and his team declined. Pocket grew faster and faster, even figuring out a sustainable monetization plan, which has shown to be hard for other startups.


In a way, Mozilla seems to be like Pocket’s older brother. They have a little more resource and experience, that will help Pocket grow. Mozilla also has more reach than Pocket, another thing that will help the latter’s growth.

Mozilla and Pocket’s partnership seems much different than Microsoft’s acquisition of Sunrise. With the former, although Pocket is a subsidiary, they are still independent. On the other hand, Sunrise gave up their entire app to work on Outlook.

Pocket will become part of Mozilla’s product line, which seems to be mutually beneficial.


This is Mozilla’s first go at strategically acquiring another company. Mozilla has been a force on the internet for as long as I can remember(I’m 15 years old mind you), so they seem to have the experience and expertise to successfully acquire and use their new subsidiary.

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