#22. 132 days. Let’s see what happens next

I’m about as excited as this guy

I have 132 days left. 132 days to end this year. So far, this year has been monumental! The ups and downs have been plentiful, the former taking control of the latter. I’ve seen things I’ve never seen. I’ve done things I’ve never done.

The school year started recently. But it really starts now. The first 2 weeks of school are usually the same. The first 2 weeks are full of excitement and unrest. The type of unsure joy and excitement that rears its ugly head gets dismissed over time.

Now is when school starts. Now is when we start learning new material instead of reviewing old lessons. Now is when the stress settles in. The translucency of the past 2 weeks will be replaced with crystal-clear transparency.

Now that the dust is beginning to settle I can see something. I can see a tunnel. I can see the path that I am going to take.

But there’s one thing…

I can see where I am going, but who knows what I’m going to be doing when I get there?

At first this worried me…

When you don’t know what the future holds, it tends to scare you. From what I’ve heard, that’s normal. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Some of the biggest things involving my life is still unclear. But I’m not worried anymore.

This year is going to be great

Keep. Exploring.

Right now, I don’t know why this year is going to be great, but I know it will be. The rest of this year will be even better than the last. Why do I say this? I can’t imagine this year going bad. I could other years. The past few years, my happiness has been partly based off of a few things. That isn’t the case this year.

This year, I’ll be happy. No matter what happens, I know that a few constants in my life will be maintained. I can imagine a bunch of bad things happening to me. I can imagine being crushed by those bad things. I still don’t think any circumstances can rain on my parade. Am I foolish? Maybe.

Forever the optimist

I’m optimistic. By the way the first 1/2 of this year went, I should be. I am anxious to see what happens. I wonder what I’ll be doing when New Year comes around. I wonder where I will be 132 days from now. I’m excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be awesome. My journey awaits. The rest of my life is waiting for me. I’m going to go follow my path. Let’s see where it takes me.

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