#227.Failure isn’t a stop sign

Failure is more of a detour than a stop.

Failure tells you to find another way, it doesn’t stop you where you are. The failure you are going through right now could be the beginning of a breakthrough.

When many people fail, they don’t look for an alternative. They don’t look for ways to do what they’re doing better. They don’t look for a way to what they’re doing differently. They don’t look for a better path.

I’ve fallen victim to this myself. I’ve tried my hardest on some things and failed. I didn’t try to find another way, I just stopped trying. I would make excuses. I would say “it’s not meant to be”, but there’s a better way to live when you don’t think of failure as a stop sign.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens up. If you think of failure as a stop sign, you’re never going to find that other door. That other door can be more special and rewarding than you ever thought possible, if you gave it a chance.

Failure allows for a learning experience. Failure allows you to go a different way. Failure lets you know what’s going wrong.

If you learn from it, failure isn’t a stop sign, it’s a success.

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