#238. Live

Walk, talk, live.

Eat, sleep, live.

Love, hate, live

Smile, frown, live.

Laugh, cry, live.

Stand, sit, live.

Rise, fall, live.

Walk with me, talk with me, live with me.

Eat now, sleep now, live now.

Love me, hate me, live by me.

Whether you smile or frown, you’ll live.

If you haven’t laughed, if you haven’t cried, you haven’t lived.

Spend your lie standing, spend your life sitting, spend your life living.

Empires rise, empires fall, people live.

Walk this way, talk this way, live this way.

Enjoy eating, enjoy sleeping, enjoy living.

People love, people hate, people live.

Smiling or frowning: which way do you want to live?

Why do you laugh? Why do you cry? Why do you live?

Stand tall, sit tight, live well.

You’ll rise, you’ll fall, just don’t forget to live.

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