#253. I don’t get a break

Handling a daily task without a vacation

You guys can have vacation without me

I don’t get to take a break at the end of the day, unless I already have this publication taken care of for the night. I don’t get a holiday. Christmas, Easter, Spring Break, 4th of July, don’t give me passes to take off. I don’t have the luxury to take a break from this publication. But, it’s better that way.

There are some things that are simply unavoidable. People with newborn babies don’t get to take a break when their child is screaming at 2:00 in the morning. So, why should I get a break from something that’s easier to deal with. If a parent misses a day, their baby might die. If I miss a day, the repercussions aren’t so major. If parents can raise children multiple times in a lifetime, I can do this at least once in mine.

People run marathons for fun! I’m not running a marathon. I’m just doing what I like to do. Running a marathon is over 26 miles long. I’m not running 26 miles, and I likely never will(never say never). Keeping this publication running every day is easier than pushing my body to its absolute physical limits.

I don’t get a break. Cry me a river. The hard-working don’t get vacation days. Besides, this is what love to do. Nobody is forcing me to try to accomplish this crazy goal. I challenged myself. I’ll do it myself. No days off.

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