#255. I just want an article

I just want an article that I can publish today and feel proud of. It’s currently 4:32 PM, but my night is becoming increasingly booked. I’m worried about the time I’ll get home. I’m worried about the publication I love and the streak that I have vowed to protect.

I have been working on several articles for about 2 hours. It’s usually not this hard. I can usually finish an article in 30 minutes or so and feel satisfied. Today’s different. Each article that I have started, and not finish have attached to it, and excuse.

“I’m away from home. I don’t have time to research for Article X.”

“I’m not even sure if I like the idea enough to publish Article Y.”

“I haven’t touched the brainstorm in a month, no way I can publish Article Z.”

“I don’t want the article to feel like unfinished business.”

In a way I feel indecisive, but in another way, I feel liberated. Why should I have to publish an article that I’m not so sure about? I shouldn’t. But, I have to finish and publish an article by the end of the day. So there has to be another way. I just have to find it.
Finding that other way is very difficult sometimes. But, who am I kidding, difficult was in the job description. If none of this was difficult, it wouldn’t be worth it. Is the fact that this is difficult scary enough for me to quit? I think you already know the answer to that question.

I just want an article that I can publish today and feel proud of. Is that so much to ask. Upon further thought, I realize, it is a lot to ask. Writing and publishing an article every single day is ridiculous. But you know what, putting a man on the moon was ridiculous, but it is one of the human race’s biggest accomplishment. Inventing the wheel, another one of the human race’s biggest accomplishment, must’ve been ridiculously hard. That kind of abstract thought took a mountain of creative to accomplish. It’s not easy. This publication asks a lot of me, but I’m ready to answer whatever it asks.

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