#258. No one cares what you do

People only care about what you accomplish

Don’t just do something. Accomplish something. No one cares what you do If it doesn’t contribute to your goals. No one cares what you participate in, if your participation doesn’t change the world.

Kobe Bryant is an excellent piano player. His millions of fans don’t care. Why? Because Kobe Bryant made a difference in the world playing basketball, not piano. His accomplishment(5 championships, an MVP award, millions of dollars) all involve basketball, not piano. I’m sure he cares about his piano skills, but the world doesn’t.

You don’t get participation awards in real life. No one cares if you were the 297th guy in 300. Everyone cares about Leonidas, but nobody remembers the guy in the back.

Making something happen is the only way people are going to care about what you do. Everyone knows how Mark Zuckerberg is. They don’t know who he is just because he’s rich(you probably wouldn’t know just looking at him). The general public knows who Mark Zuckerberg is because his creation(Facebook) changed the world. If Zuckerberg didn’t change the world, no one would care what he was doing.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make history with every waking second of your life. That’s virtually impossible. However, that does mean you should be striving for better. If you’re not striving for more, you’re going to get stuck being average.

No one gives C students academic awards. A C is an average grade. No one cares about an average grade. Staying stagnant doesn’t make a difference. People only care if you’re making a difference. Striving for more is what people care about. No one cares about your participation. They care about your accomplishments. Striving for more is how you accomplish something worthwhile.

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