#259. Lex Luthor is a better role model than Superman. Here’s why.

I love comic books and the whole comic book mythos(including movies and TV shows). Unfortunately, most superheroes aren’t the best role models.

While Batman is strong, smart, and motivated, he is obsessed and put simply a lunatic.
Iron Man is also smart and motivated, but he is a cocky womanizer that uses his brains and money to get out of the tough situations he puts himself in.

Worst of these is Superman. Superman was born a “god”. Because of his immense power he plays judge, jury, executioner with villains and is a bully. He constantly breaks the law for “the greater good” relying on a moral code that has failed him before.
While supervillains aren’t the best role models because they’re evil, Lex Luthor stands out as the best role model of the entire DC Universe.


Lex Luthor is one of the smartest people in the entire DCU. His supreme intelligence allows him to make excellent plans, that require one of the strongest characters ever created to stop. He is so smart that he gained the power to fight a literal god. Lex Luthor is human ingenuity at its finest.


Lex Luthor built LexCorp from the ground up. Even though Luthor is often distracted, LexCorp is still one of the most valuable companies in the DCU. Luthor accomplishes every goal that Superman doesn’t stop. Lex Luthor became President of the United States. Lex Luthor lead a team almost as good as the Justice League(the most powerful force in the galaxy). How many Fortune 500 CEO//founders do you know of that can do that?


Lex Luthor is the poster child for successful rehabilitation. Once one of Superman’s greatest foes, Lex Luthor became a hero. He became such a good one that he was allowed into the Justice League( the same team that he fought against countless times).
It sounds absolutely crazy but, Superman’s greatest foe is a better role model than the Man of Steel himself.

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