#277. The amazing freedom of a writer

There’s an almost indescribable beauty in writing.

A writer’s weapon of choice is his(or her) voice; but a writer doesn’t have to physically say a word to let his voice heard. A writer can say all he wants without opening his mouth.

A journalist can expose a huge scandal without making a movement with his lips.

A poet can express the beauty of the world without the entanglements of audible language.

A novelist can create an entire new world, and captivate countless readers without opening his mouth.

A screenwriter can show the world a story, whether the audience is literate or not.

A biographer can reveal the ins and outs of a person’s life without physically telling people a world.

A socially awkward person can let his voice be heard, even beyond troubles interacting.

A social butterfly can let his voice heard, in a way people wouldn’t listen to in person.

If you’re a writer, everything you need to say you can put on your paper, or your screen. Your story can even be written on the walls of a cave, but as long as your story is written, it will outlive you. That story can travel across time and space, be read repeatedly and be saved for a rainy day. If it is written, your story can be heard long after your voice is silenced by a grave.

That’s the beauty of writing: freedom. With writing, your voice is unrestricted. Your voice doesn’t have any requirements. Race, gender, social status, age, religion, none of that keeps you from sharing your voice.

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