#278.Excellence and Perfection are not the same.

Reaching excellence is essential. Reaching perfection is impossible

In the pursuit of excellence, it is okay to strive for perfection. That is, as long as you know that you will never reach it.

The statement above is rooted in the idea that if you set your goal as high as you can, you will be inspired to as good as it takes to reach that goal. So if you’re reaching for the highest possible achievement every time you set a goal, you will stumble upon excellence in the process.

This only works if you’re willing to put in the work that results in the goal. If your big goal this year is to get in shape, train like an olympian. You probably won’t ever be an olympian, but if you train like one, that 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon will seem like no big deal.

All of this isn’t effective if perfectionism clouds your judgment. You will never be perfect, nor will anything you create ever be perfect. It is simply impossible. They say all things are possible, but I find one thing that isn’t:perfection. Being perfect is impossible for humans to do. Human ingenuity is a powerful thing, but it is never perfect.

If Apple waited until the iPhone was perfect, they wouldn’t be the most profitable company in the world right now.

If Stephen King waited until his books were perfect, he wouldn’t be recognized as one of the greatest writers of all time.

If Michael Jackson waited until every song was perfect, he wouldn’t be the King of Pop, even in his death.

Would you really waste your chance at success because everything isn’t perfect? If you wait for something to be perfect, something excellent will come before, and your contributions will be obsolete.

If you’re willing to eradicate the need for perfection, you can open yourself up to the excellence that will await you. You can wait until things are perfect, but success won’t wait on you.

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