#289. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way

I wanted to write an article about a subject that I thoroughly enjoy today. Problem is, it didn’t go my way. Some things happen and I couldn’t write it in time. That sucks, but life happens.

Sometimes, you just have to move on until the next opportunity arises. I love writing in this publication. But sometimes it is a bit of a drag. That’s life. Every moment of your life won’t be bliss. Every moment of your life won’t be sad either. Sometimes you’ll just be lukewarm.

I don’t like being lukewarm. Being lukewarm is very boring. When you’re not hot and you’re not cold, what are you? I think that’s why people don’t like routines very much because they can be lukewarm.

Routines aren’t the problem, it’s the attitude that makes a routine so boring. If there’s always something new to learn and/or experience, your story won’t be so hum drum. So, even if it doesn’t go your way, you won’t be lukewarm like I was when I was when I started writing this article.

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