#292. My article went viral. What happened next might shock you.

Or not. You should read this, though.

A month ago my article went viral. Here’s what happened next.

I came home one afternoon to find one of the articles I had written for Student Voices about a year ago had gone viral. I thought it was a glitch at first, because none of my recent articles were getting that much attention. I kept reloading my stats page but the views wouldn’t go away. So, I scrolled all the way to one of the first articles I had ever written on Medium.

When I visited the referrals page, the main two contributors were email and direct, and reddit.com. I visited Reddit, and saw my article was 8th on the homepage of Reddit. Basically, someone had used my article to start a popular conversation that led it to thousands of visits. To this date, the article received around 87,000 views.

After the initial excitement and gaining a slightly larger audience, things went back to normal. I did receive more compliments than I ever had before, but I try not to take any of those(that don’t come from my family and friends) too seriously.

It was so exciting to see one of my articles, even one that I didn’t think was particularly good, to get that much exposure. But, the excitement was good while it lasted.

In a way that bothered me, I thought: all this exposure for nothing? But then, another voice in my head spoke loudly: All of this is for you, not for any external reason. So why does it sound like you are ungrateful for an amazing opportunity that you just experienced.

So I stopped expecting to get something out of it. If this whole writing thing is pure, it shouldn’t be about anything other than just writing. Everything else should just come as an extra piece. When I wrote the article that ended up with almost 90k views, I didn’t expect anything from it. That was actually the first time that a publication requested one of my articles for publishing.

I got 87,000 views on an article. I got excited. I got compliments. Things slowed down. Nothing happened, which bothered me. It stopped bothering me because a talk I had with myself. I learned a lesson. The article was on the homepage of Reddit a month ago today. I came out of it a better writer(hopefully) and a better person. That’s all you can ask for in this world.

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