#298. I love medium’s new homepage design

Even better, I can turn it off.

Medium has hit its audience with several new changes to its platform in the last few weeks, most of which are only available for premium members. Those changes didn’t affect everybody on Medium, just the heavier users. Medium’s new homepage design affects everyone from the once-a-month casual reader to the 3 times-a-day heavy user.

The advantage of medium’s new homepage design is the fact that front and center is the content from the people “in your network”. All of the recent articles from the people I love reading from are all there waiting for me. That’s great for me as a reader, because the articles from those people are the ones that I am most likely going to click on.

If none of those articles look interesting, I can just scroll down and see my (morning/afternoon/evening edition). If none of those look interesting, I can click on the “popular on medium” section, or the “handpicked by medium staff” section. The setup is more vertical than the previous design, making the articles on my homepage in sections rather than scattered in different spots. So, I can scroll down until I find something that I like.

Medium’s new homepage design is even better for me as a writer because my active followers are more likely to see my content on their homepages. This allows my articles to be front-and-center for my audience instead of some potentially getting lost in the sea of content here on Medium.

The best part of the design, however, is the ability to turn it off. If I hated the new design, I could just go to my settings and turn the new homepage off, revealing the old one. Medium is turning into a democracy as much as it is becoming a company. Medium is becoming a conversation more than a corporation, and I love it.

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