#301. What if there was always an audience?

If your life was a movie, and somebody was watching you at all times, how would you live?

Would you try to give your audience a show?

Would you act like that audience isn’t even there?

Would you try to be on your best behavior at all times, so the audience doesn’t know your faults?

How would your life change if someone was always watching you?

What would you do if the quiet moments you have alone was broadcasted to the world?

What if everyone in the world could see your faults, your fears, and your aspirations.

How would you change if you were forced to live a life in the spotlight? Would you try to be a mode citizen or a rebel?

People try to be at their best when they are faced with an audience. But, we need to be the best with or without an audience. Even the quiet moments that we think we have to ourselves, we are never really alone.

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